Yadira Diaz

bellevue Showroom

10708 Main Street
Bellevue, WA 98004


Headshot of Yadira Diaz, interior designer at Seldens in Bellevue, Washington.

For Yadira, interior design goes beyond supporting a client when customizing their home, she says, “Creating and being expressive on a design is something that becomes part of language, a language that anybody can read and experience. Design for me is art, creativity, an experience, and is collaboration and connection between one or many individuals.” 

Inspiration comes from everywhere, including the culture, background, and vibrancy of an individual. For Yadira, she believes it is all about the connection she creates with a client. “Asking the right questions and including versatility in the options; while also allowing them to feel supported and reassured of their decisions. I think sharing your knowledge as a designer can go a long way into expanding the horizons and visions of your client.”  

Outside of interior design, Yadira enjoys the creative process in many ways including design and craft projects at home, drawing, sketching, and even creates on the human canvas as a makeup artist. When not creating, she’s happiest spending time with her furbaby and family.