Sienna Gorden

tacoma Showroom

1802 62nd Avenue East
Tacoma, WA 98424


Headshot of Sienna Gorden, interior designer at Seldens in Tacoma, Washington.

From texture and light to architecture and budget, design has many different components to consider. Sienna Gorden says, “There truly is no limit to design, you can completely take it in the direction that fits you and your needs.” Reinventing and personalizing designs are among Gorden’s favorite things about working with clients at Selden’s. Unlocking a client’s personal style is a gift and she has an arsenal of tricks of the trade that help her and her clients find the balance between comfort and taking risks with expressing their home design style.

When she’s not working, Gorden loves to cook, eat, and create new recipes. “I come from a family of foodies so making delicious meals for myself and others is one of my favorite pastimes.”