Shane Tribble

olympia Showroom

220 Legion Way SE
Olympia, WA 98501


Shane’s love of the world of sports infuses his approach to collaborating with his clients. “What I really enjoy is the process of finding the right furniture for the right home,” he says. “It's not that much different from a quarterback working with his favorite wide receiver.”

And with 22 years of interior design experience under his belt, Shane knows well how to team up with each new client. “Everyone is different,” he says. “You cannot use the same process with each client. Being able to communicate and find what works best for each person is key. As they say, ‘the separation is in the preparation.’”

Shane says he finds his design inspiration everywhere — in the natural world, in magazines and on websites, and in the homes of clients, friends and family. During his free time, you’ll find Shane camping with his family, bass fishing, following horse racing or walking his trusty dog.