Lori Broznowski

bellevue Showroom

10708 Main Street
Bellevue, WA 98004


Simply put, Lori is fascinated by design. “I think interior design is endlessly interesting,” she says. “Design involves knowledge of history, but current trends and sources are continuously changing and updating, too. Although we use modern technology in our work, texture, materials and craftsmanship are at the core of great design.” 

For Lori, the most important component of a project is the people behind it. “Collaboration makes for a wonderful finished product,” she says. “I am constantly learning in this field, from our manufacturers as well as from my clients.” And her key to a successful project is good communication, starting from that first meeting with her client. “We walk through the store and talk about the pieces they are drawn to, discussing different design features. We talk about how they live, what they want to change, and what they have seen that was exciting and interesting.”

An avid traveler, Lori finds her inspiration around the world. “Not only do you find the origins of a particular style when visiting historical sites, but the color palettes experienced in different climates and locales are completely unique and wonderful,” she says. “Any object could become a jumping off point for inspiration: a particular wood bowl, a piece of art, a beautiful rug, a walk in the forest, sand and rocks on the beach, and on and on.”