Holly Zinter

tacoma Showroom

1802 62nd Avenue East
Tacoma, WA 98424


Headshot of Holly Zinter, interior designer at Seldens in Tacoma, Washington.

Creating a home with pieces that are trendy, yet classic may feel like a challenge to some, but not to Holly Zinter. She says, “I love how with design there is always something exciting to look forward to. Whether it be a new client or a new trend, it’s forever changing and still lasting.”

She taps into her creativity by reading books, going to fun concerts, and taking a moment to be still and appreciate the changing seasons around her.

“There’s certainly a balance between asking questions and listening, really listening, to the needs and wants of someone’s project.” How a client wants the space to feel is an incredibly important part of how Holly designs homey spaces. “It’s all about the client. Where they’ve traveled, a favorite piece of art, and colors that make them feel warm inside all play a part in how I get to the end product.”