Erin Dean

tacoma Showroom

1802 62nd Avenue East
Tacoma, WA 98424


Headshot of Erin Dean, interior designer at Seldens in Tacoma, Washington.

Erin enjoys the dynamic nature of design and credits that as the primary reason the job continues to be a passion for her year after year. “Every space is a new challenge and I am fortunate to be asked to help personalize that space for my clients,” she says. “Finding great design solutions for each client is a joy.”

“My inspiration comes from both the discovery of each new space, and becoming acquainted with each new client as they share their hopes with me and, together, we create a supportive and uplifting solution,” she says. 

With an interior design degree in the sciences and an arts degree in set design and lighting, Erin brings a comprehensive perspective to her work. She has extensive field experience in both residential and commercial design, hyper-contemporary projects and also those that require a historical approach. 

But at the center of every one of Erin’s projects is her client. “It is very gratifying to feel truly useful by creating homes and offices that look and feel resolved, so that the people living and working in them can feel their best in their environment.”