Deen Louraine

tacoma Showroom

1802 62nd Avenue East
Tacoma, WA 98424


Headshot of Deen Louraine, interior designer at Seldens in Tacoma, Washington.

Since graduating from interior design school in 1982, Deen has worked in the wholesale, retail, commercial and residential areas of interior design, joining the Seldens team in 1994. She’s been a professional member of the Northwest Society of Interior Designers throughout her career.

Deen approaches every new project with an inquisitive mind. She asks her clients about existing pieces that they’d like to keep, as well as how the space is used and by whom before proceeding into questions of style, color, texture, flooring and the like. “I seek to use the client’s space effectively,” she says. “It’s a mix of line, form, color, balance, proportion and visual weight distribution.”

“I enjoy getting to know my client’s needs, wants, style and the personality of their homes and business spaces,” adds Deen. “I find it rewarding to help to incorporate existing pieces with new items chosen from our wide selection of quality furnishings.”