1802 62ND AVE E
TACOMA, WA 98424


Headshot of Bonnie Stromberg, interior designer at Seldens in Tacoma, Washington.


Bonnie joined the Seldens team in 1999 and says she admires how the company uses a whole-team approach to bringing clients’ dreams into reality. “When a client is working with a designer at Seldens, they are working with a team,” she says. “The designer takes the lead on the development of a concept, but the warehouse team enhances the experience by getting the items received, delivered and placed exactly where they should be.”

For every new design project her team takes on, Bonnie’s role begins with listening — and lots of pictures. “I listen to my clients and try to get a feel for what makes them happy,” she says. “Pictures are always helpful since I’m a visual person. That makes space planning fun, too. I love showing my clients how many different ways the same piece of furniture can be used within their home.”

She draws her inspiration from various design publications, but typically her chief source of inspiration comes from her clients themselves. “I always want to take inspiration from a painting they have or an area rug that they love. I enjoy helping a client define their style — taking items that they already own and melding them together to create a new flow.”