Join us at Seldens in Tacoma on Saturday, October 7, from 12-4pm.

Are you someone who cherishes the feel of artisanal creations, and the unique stories they bring? Does your home sometimes feel like it lacks that personal touch, that character that screams 'you'? If you've nodded internally, this is precisely for you.

At Seldens, we’ve crafted the ideal solution with our upcoming "Artistry of the Pacific Northwest" event. Dive into a world where the heartbeats of local artists sync with the timeless elegance of our Fall Collections. Explore our gallery that showcases local artists' mesmerizing work, available for purchase, each piece resonating with its own tale. Plus, with our grand unveiling of the newest Designer furniture collections, experience the chance to relish factory-authorized savings like never before. Past attendees have discovered that perfect blend of home aesthetic and personal connection, transforming their homes into spaces that brim with stories and elegance.

Step out of the shadows and be a part of this transformative journey. Join us at the "Artistry of the Pacific Northwest" event, a soiree of art, design, and tales waiting to unfold. Let your home be more than just four walls. Let it echo with the voices of the Pacific Northwest.

exclusive from mardi rees


Sculptor Mardi Rees will be working on her project "Jeffrey" during the exhibit on Saturday, October 7. Stop by to see the beauty unfold and learn more about the magnificent 90-year-old horse.


Shon Frostad is a mixed media artist living in Tacoma WA, with a lifelong history of painting and creating, he studied art and environmental science, earning a BS degree from the Evergreen State College. With a love for the Puget Sound, the ocean, and the marine world, his panels reflect the ever changing color tones, and light intensities of the Pacific Northwest.

Shon spends his free time enjoying the outdoors year round, which fuels the inspiration for his work, he lives in Tacoma with his wife, daughter, a dog and a cat.

Instagram: @shonfrostad



Heather Mclean is a northwest based abstract artist. She attended the University of Washington where she received her undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts and later moved to Rome, Italy to continue her studies in both art history and form. She currently lives in Gig Harbor, Washington with her husband and two children.


Jon Bradham has been drawing and painting from early childhood. However, he has also been going blind since childhood due to a condition called Keratoconus. 20 years ago, his eye doctors had exhausted all known solutions and his eyesight had become so poor that he was on the verge of giving up his lifelong passion. Luckily, a cutting edge eye doctor was able to restore his sight through a cornea transplant and Jon uses this new lease on eyesight every day to improve his craft as an artist.

Jon experiences joy when he sees beauty - in a landscape, in a cityscape, in wildlife, in people - and he wants to communicate and share that joy with others.

Instagram: @jon_bradham_artist

Facebook: @JonBradhamArt



Ariana Heinzman is a ceramic based artist, creating sculpture, wall works, and functional objects that blend floral imagery, utilitarian vessels, and the body. Her work represents the dueling desires of succumbing to nature and controlling it.

Ariana Heinzman received her BFA in Ceramics from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2013. She has exhibited at the Vashon Center for the Arts and Pottery Northwest and has work in the Seattle University Collection. Heinzman was featured in The Seattle Times and as an Emerging Artist in Ceramics Monthly Magazine and published in Pottery Making Illustrated in 2021. Heinzman lives and works on Vashon Island in Washington and is currently represented by J.Rinehart Gallery in Seattle Washington.

Instagram: @arianaheinzman


Mardie Rees

Mardie Rees is a fine artist and figurative sculptor who is native to the Pacific Northwest. Born into a creative household, her childhood was spent sewing garments and building homes, drawing pictures and visiting museums.

Rees has won many accolades for her emotive sculpture. An Elected Member of National Sculpture Society, she is a two-time recipient of the Beverly Hoyt Robertson Memorial Award and a multiple award winner in Portrait Society of America’s International Competition & Exhibition. Currently, Mardie is finishing a larger than life sculpture of Saint Anne for Saint Anne Hospital in Burien, Washington. The bronze sculpture will be placed in the hospital's healing garden this November, 2023.

Instagram: @mardierees

Facebook: @mardirees



Jenny Harmon-Scott is an artist and designer based in Portland, Oregon. At age ten, she began studying oil painting under established Oklahoma artist, Maria De La Juen and has been painting ever since.

Attending college at University of Oregon and Oregon State, Jenny pursued a BFA in fine art, focusing on both art and design. Summers were spent traveling to New York, LA, and  abroad to feed her creative drive. Inspired by her love of the Old Masters, she began experimenting with traditional painting techniques where she became especially intrigued with how light and shadow enhanced form. This influenced her use of rich glazes and dark dramatic tones which became a signature part of her style.

Jenny’s broad swath of subject matter ranges from portraiture to landscapes, working with interior designers, to selling works to both corporate and private parties around the globe.

Instagram: @jharmonscott


Kathryn Anderson is an artist and printmaker living in Tacoma, Washington. Classically trained in the visual arts, Kathryn studied at The Art Students League in Manhattan, N.Y., and was a Fine Arts Printmaking major at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Most inspired by our natural world, and many of her works show the influence of her gardening, birdwatching, and excursions into the wild. She is captivated by the small details of the beauty she sees around her. As a printmaker, every limited edition print is designed, hand-carved, or etched, and individually hand-printed in her studio in Tacoma Washington. All limited edition prints are titled, signed, and numbered in pencil.

Instagram: @kathy.traxler.anderson


David Gorospe

David Gorospe has a history of drawing, painting, and designing that spans over thirty years. He received his Associates in graphic design from the Art Institute of Seattle. Inspired by pop culture fashion, David uses his graphic design training to create posterizing, bold, colorful, and thought-provoking images. Combining his use of traditional soft brushwork for his backgrounds, he creates his own unique pop/figurative style.

This work is about making a statement through the use of color, body language, and fashion. Provoking strong thoughts and feelings upon viewing immediately and at the same time engaging the viewer to finish the untold story in his paintings.

David grew up and lived in the Tacoma area and currently lives in Lakewood with his wife Kelley, a visual artist herself, and his daughter Drew, a dance major from Cornish College of the Arts.


With a creative journey spanning more than thirty years, Sidney Woodruff emerges as a seasoned digital producer, graphic designer, and artistic visionary. Infused with a profound sense of power and empathy, Sidney's artwork speaks volumes, channeling personal experiences within a complex world. Through the language of abstract forms, Sidney masterfully captures life's intricate shades, skillfully melding masculine and feminine elements, seamlessly intertwining street sensibilities with refined artistic expressions.

Sidney was born and raised in Tacoma, now living in Seattle, Washington.

Facebook: Woodruff Guided Impressions