Please join us at our OLYMPIA showroom on Saturday, June 22 from 1 - 5PM for our next Artistry of the Pacific Northwest event.

Are you someone who cherishes the feel of artisanal creations, and the unique stories they bring? Does your home sometimes feel like it lacks that personal touch, that character that screams 'you'? If you've nodded internally, this is precisely for you.

At Seldens, we’ve crafted the ideal solution with our ongoing "Artistry of the Pacific Northwest" exhibit. Dive into a world where the heartbeats of local artists sync with the timeless elegance of our spring collections. Explore our gallery that showcases local artists' mesmerizing work, available for purchase, each piece resonating with its own tale. Plus, with our grand unveiling of the newest designer furniture collections, experience the chance to relish factory-authorized savings like never before. Past attendees have discovered that perfect blend of home aesthetic and personal connection, transforming their homes into spaces that brim with stories and elegance.

Future Events:
• Seldens Tacoma - Saturday, October 12 from 1-5pm

JUNE 2024 Featured Artists

Michael Diamond

Residing in Kamilche, Washington, Michael is deeply involved in kiln cast glass, stone, and metal work, inspired by erosion, growth, and geological formations. Influenced by his upbringing exploring Puget Sound's forests and beaches, his art mirrors the beauty of natural processes, especially water and ice shapes. With a background in Fine Arts from the University of Puget Sound and media arts from The Evergreen State College, he brings diverse skills, including sculpture, bronze casting, photography, and media production. Fascinated by the dual nature of glass—its resilience and fragility—Michael aims to instill joy and curiosity in viewers, using precise techniques to harness its complex properties.

Instagram: @soundartglass

Margaret Maclean

Bellevue-based ceramic artist Margaret MacLean draws inspiration from nature's organic forms, particularly sea life. Using raw clay, her porcelain sculptures evolve organically, resulting in unique glazed pieces that capture the meditative joy of repetitive patterns. Balancing influences from floral-botanical to coastal rock and sea life, Margaret finishes her work with stains and underglazes for a soft, natural feel. With a BFA in Visual Arts, Ceramics from Emily Carr University of Art and Design, she is featured in galleries across Seattle and Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Instagram: @margaret_maclean_art

David Gorospe

With over thirty years of experience in drawing, painting, and design, David Gorospe holds an Associate degree in graphic design from the Art Institute of Seattle. His work, influenced by pop culture and fashion, features bold, colorful images that aim to provoke thought. Combining traditional soft brushwork with his unique pop/figurative style, David creates pieces that make statements through color, body language, and fashion, encouraging viewers to interpret narratives within his paintings. Based in Lakewood, Washington, David resides with his wife Kelley, also a visual artist, and their daughter Drew, a dance major at Cornish College of the Arts, as he continues to explore vibrant compositions that evoke strong emotions.

Website: DG Graphics


Shon Frostad is a mixed media artist with a lifelong history of painting and creating. Shon studied Art and Environmental Science, earning a BS degree from Evergreen State College. With a love for the Puget Sound, the ocean, and the marine world, his panels reflect the ever-changing color tones and light intensities of the Pacific Northwest. Shon lives in Tacoma, WA, with his wife and daughter and their dog and cat. He spends his free time enjoying the outdoors year-round, which fuels the inspiration for his work.

Instagram: @shonfrostad

Suzana Bulatovic

Suzana, originally from Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, holds a Fine Arts degree from Sarajevo University. Her works have been featured in exhibitions and publications, and she currently resides in Olympia, WA, where she continues to experiment with various mediums like acrylic, oil, pastel, and charcoal. Her art reflects her inner thoughts and emotions, aiming to evoke both visual appeal and deeper meaning while maintaining a sense of playfulness and spontaneity.

Instagram: @suzanastudio

heather mclean

Heather Mclean is a Northwest-based abstract artist. She attended the University of Washington, where she received her undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts. Heather later moved to Rome, Italy, to continue her studies in both art history and form. She now lives in Gig Harbor, WA, with her husband and two children.

Instagram: @heathermclean.abstracts