Essentials for Your Home

Each piece meticulously curated to instantly elevate your space. 

Finding distinctive, globally-inspired home accessories that resonate with the Pacific Northwest spirit can be challenging, and often, expensive.

For the first time, our buyers have traveled far and wide to bring you an exclusive collection that embodies global elegance, organic beauty, and urban sophistication - all at unbeatable prices!

Transform your space with statement pieces that not only elevate your home but also tell a tale of worldly adventure and natural wonders. Pieces that don’t just fill space, but fulfill the spirit of your home. Feel the ebb and flow between the earthy allure of organic elements, the sleek sophistication of urban designs, and the worldly charm of global inspirations.


From found objects to rich textures and colors, each piece whispers tales of distant lands and diverse cultures.



From clay pottery to handcrafted wood accents, celebrate nature's raw elegance with these earthy treasures.



From glass accents to minimalist sculptures, these modern and refined pieces will turn your home into a haven of urban chic.