Mindy Matuszak

bellevue Showroom

10708 Main Street
Bellevue, WA 98004


Mindy brings 30 years of design expertise to Seldens, where she joined the team in January 2021. She always knew she wanted to be an interior designer, ever since she interviewed a local designer for a junior high school project.

Mindy started work in interior design right out of college, where she earned a five-year FIDER-accredited degree in interior design with a minor in Art History. Her broad range of experience spans many design sectors, including commercial and hospitality design, but residential interiors are her niche. She finds these to be the most fun and creative and she thrives on working with clients to style their rooms beyond their expectations.

Mindy’s creative process includes asking the right questions to get to what clients really want and how they live in their space. She absorbs non-verbal cues from their clothing and personal style to learn what they like, even if they’re not sure how to describe it. She keeps up with the ever-changing industry.

“I find inspiration in the fashion industry, learning about new trends and fabrics and translating them into home design. I enjoy travel and learning about different cultures, which brings a richness to design. Color studies found in the natural world around me are always interesting.”

Renovating her own home, making jewelry and planning elaborate menus to cook for her friends enrich Mindy’s life outside of work. She also enjoys visiting art galleries, attending live music and theatre performances and teaching her dog new tricks.