Christine Wang

bellevue Showroom

10708 Main Street
Bellevue, WA 98004


Having formally studied design in Beijing, Milan and Seattle, Christine brings a truly international perspective to each of her design projects. She began her career in Shanghai and has also worked in Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao; since relocating to the Pacific Northwest, Christine has completed more than 100 full home designs. 

But no matter which continent Christine is working on, her approach remains consistent. “I take the time to understand my clients’ needs to create a lifestyle for them, transforming their interior spaces into personalized, functional and elegant ones,” she says. “By spending time with my clients, I interpret their style and work closely with them to ensure their complete satisfaction.”

An avid traveler, Christine finds inspiration from the various cultures she has experienced. “I have always enjoyed traveling and seeing different cultures and their designs, which always give me ideas of how a design could be,” she says. Her ongoing commitment to learning informs her aesthetic, as well. “I’m always learning, taking classes and attending seminars,” she says. “I’m never bored!”
When she’s not on a project or in a class, Christine enjoys Latin dancing, discovering new foods and writing for travel magazines.   

克里斯汀. 王曾分别在北京,米兰和西雅图学习设计,并为她的每个设计项目带来了真正的国际视野。她的职业生涯始于上海,还曾在香港和澳大利亚工作过;自搬到西北太平洋以来,克里斯汀(Christine)已经完成了从美国到加拿大,中国内陆 100多个完整的家居设计。但是,无论克里斯汀在哪个大陆上开展工作,她的做法始终如一。她说:“我花时间了解我的客户为他们创造适合他们的生活方式,将他们的内部空间转化为个性化,实用和优雅的空间。” “通过与客户共度时光,我用设计语言诠释了他们的个人风格并与他们紧密合作,以确保他们最终拥有完全满意的家。”克里斯汀(Christine)也是一位狂热的旅行者,从她所经历的各种文化中寻找灵感。她说:“我一直以来都非常热爱旅行,了解和观察不同的文化及其设计,这让我对设计有更深入的体验和了解。”她对学习的不懈追求也传达了她的审美观。她说:“我一直在学习,上课和参加研讨会。” “我从不会觉得无聊!”当她不在设计项目或课堂上时,工作外的克里斯汀享受家庭生活,喜欢拉丁舞,发现新食物并为旅行杂志撰稿。