Anne Knutson

tacoma Showroom

1802 62nd Avenue East
Tacoma, WA 98424


When collaborating with her clients, Anne’s philosophy is simple: inspiration comes from really listening to their needs and wants. And this will ultimately lead to her favorite moment of any project — the one “when a client turns to me and exclaims, ‘Ah! You get me!’” 

With seven years of design experience and a background in landscape design, Anne takes her inspiration from the natural world and architecture, but also from the lives of her clients. “I’ll pay special attention to a client’s personal collection, a favorite painting or color,” she says. “Even a hobby can spark a starting point for their project.”

“I also focus on function, on how they want to live in the space,” she adds. “My role is to make design recommendations, but also to let them know that their space is personal and should suit them, not just adhere to what’s ‘on trend.’” 

When she’s not working with her clients, you’ll find Anne traveling, gardening, knitting, bicycling or playing her mandolin.